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Support your business or personal decision by real data. Get to know how coronavirus has been spreading, what is currently the cure and a death rate in all the countries, what is the impact on shares and stock exchange, get ideas where to travel. All of these data and information. It is free, download now.

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About Us

We can save lives by sharing open data and the best experience how to predict, identify and cure coronavirus. We are the experienced and skilful data mining team wishing to provide only accurate and readable information.

Our vision is to provide a strong know-how on coronavirus disease. Just imagine your country or business will gain the accurate know-how on what is the latest coronavirus death rate, usually from 3% to 2% in most countries. How many lives are we all along able to save? Information is a power particularly when virus may break out anywhere in the world. Our high-quality real time data will definitely help to make also any critical business and personal decisions.







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