COVID-19 Power BI report + APIs & free download.

COVID-19 Power BI report + APIs & free download.

We have created this COVID-19 Power BI template as a gift to Power BI community. We put to the report a lot of my Power BI know-how and created working COVID-19 API.

The template includes API and hourly updated data, together with all needed Geodata.

Report Includes:
– Shows Infected, Cured, Deaths, Sick in all countries of the world
– Included Population, Geo, Regions, and Countries data
– Included measures like Share of infected and Death rate
– Direct download as Power BI .pbix file
– Including working API for updated COVID-19 data
– Report ready to implement new visualizations and more complicated measures

Feel free to change and alter this template. The report is available on the link:

COVID-19 hourly updated API is available on the link:

We would like to ask you for your help. It does not count if I create something nice and practical, but nobody knows about it.
Would you be so kind and share or write an article about this report?

Thank you,
Robert Durec, author of the report and founder of

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