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Yes. You can freely download data as a direct download or via a torrent. Data are supposed to be open and without any copyright.

Our Why:
We believe that open data will help analysts, programmers, other IT specialists and ordinary people to build a better software or run a better analysis.

We have recently found challenging to find a good free and open data sources on the internet because Google prefers “companies with a budget for SEO & marketing”. We have found the best open data sources only accidentally. That’s the reason why we are building CDS –

Torrent is a small file, which may help you download data in peer 2 peer networks without a need of huge and fast data server. Any user of torrent network wants to download the same copy of a file.

In the same moment the same user may share parts of the data, which a user has already have and download the rest of data that a user is not currently having.

This system is fast, safe and reliable. That’s the reason why it fits the best for downloading and sharing open data.

No. On our CDS portal there are an open data with the open licence to be used. You cannot be punished because you do not break any of the laws and directives. You do not even need VPN to download via Torrent.

CDS data, unlike most of the torrents, are open data.
Unfortunately, most data on the torrents are not legal to be downloaded. We do not recommend you to download any games, movies, music and software via torrents.

You can upload your data to CDS. Just follow the guide on the link:

How to publish data on CDS

Check the website

Please note that our CDS team is a small group of fanciers and we may be flooded by tonnes of E-mails. Many E-mails usually ask the same general inquiries. We do not have a capacity to respond to every E-mail. Please, help us by searching if anybody had already asked the same question or inquiry as your question. If your question or inquiry is a new one, please post it. You may help also other people by responding to any question on FB Corona Data Source Group.

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