How to publish data on CDS

Do you have the intention to share any open data beneficial to other people?

Yes. You can share it on Corona Data Source.

What type of data do you have?

  1. Frequently updated data
  2. Static and changeless data
  3. Link to open data portals

We may share link to your data with the possibility of a direct download / direct export. You will gain more visitors and your data will be more visible and popular. It is of no importance whether your data are on Google disc, FTP or any other server however, you are responsible for the frequent and regular update of data on your link.

It depends on the file-size and file-type; we may host your data or just publish the link to your data. The examples of static and changeless data are Countries, Addresses, ZIP codes and GPS location attributes. These kinds of data are the best candidates for sharing via torrents.

Do you happen to know about a great and useful portal with open data? Let us know about it. Send us again an E-mail and please prepare a short portal description. We will do the rest.

How to contact us and what you should send us

We will need the following information

  • Name of the data source
  • Link to your data with a possibility of a direct download
  • Data description
  • Information about the original source and data contributors
  • Information how often and when your data are refreshed and updated
  • If you personally own the data, we would need your permission that your data can be shared and downloaded as an open data.

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