CDS World Countries Open Geo Dataset

CDS Open Geo Dataset

All needed World, Country & Geo Data in one place with free direct download.

This dataset offers everything needed for World Countries Geo data analytics. Dataset fits together and you do not need to worry about errors when creating relationships between tables. Dataset was originally created for Power BI but can be usable for any other tool as well. Offers exports to .XLSX and .CSV.

Special feature of this dataset are error values Others (code XX) and #Undefined (code XY), which are needed for seamless and easy data analytics.

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How to use this dataset

Structure of dataset

  • The dataset consists 6 tables connectable together by Primary Key with one-to-one or one-to-many relationships

The primary key is 2char ISO Country Code

  • It is unique code that identifies precisely any world country. 2 char ISO code is based on ISO standards (More about ISO codes on Wikipedia).
  • This code may be named in our dataset as
    • 2char country code
    • 2char ISO country code
    • Country Code

Brief description of tables

  • Country Names Codes
    • dataset with various forms of country names (Usual, Official, Official with titles, Usual country title)
    • consists 2char, 3char and numeric Country ISO code
    • consists also internet TLD (Top Level Domain) and country telephone code
  • Country Names Codes Basic
    • Simple version of dataset above
    • Consist only Usual country name and 2char, 3char and numeric Country ISO code
  • Translate Country Names To Codes
    • This dataset is used to transform any list with country names, match it with 2char ISO code and connect to the rest of the CDS Open Geo Dataset
    • Consists various names of the same countries together with 2char, 3char and numeric Country ISO code
    • Feel free to update this dataset and send it to us
  • Country Regions Continents
    • This dataset is used to map country to region or continent and create possibilities of summarization country data to larger regions
    • Consists country name (usual), 2char & 3char country code
    • Includes Continent name & code, alternative continent name & notes (if country belongs to 2 continents)
    • Includes Economic Region and Global Membership (G7, BRICS)
  • Country Population Statistics
    • This dataset is used to add country population and other demographic data to model
    • Consists country name and 2char country code
    • Includes Country population, population density, land area and others demographic metrics
  • Country ZIP GPS
    • This dataset is used to translate Country Zip Codes of cities to GPS locations and backward
    • Really usable to any detailed map analytics
    • CountryZIPCode is specialty of dataset. CountryZIPCode is unique code combining 2char country code with ZIP code and solving the issue of classical ZIP codes – the same ZIP code may not be unique and may belong to more places on Earth
    • Consists 1.000.000+ places in 85 world countries

Relations in dataset

  • We recommend Country Names Codes or Country Names Codes Basic as key dataset
  • One-to-One perfect relationship
    • Between tables Country Regions Continents, Country Names Codes, Country Names Codes Basic
    • Every table contains 253 rows with unique 2char country code and XX Others and XY # Undefined values
    • We call these tables “Perfect tables”
  • One-to-One relationship
    • Between Country Population Statistics and “Perfect tables”
    • Country Population Statistics consists of only 238 countries due to missing data from small countries.
    • Use XX Others value for matching missing countries
  • One-to-Many relationship
    • Between Translate Country Names to Codes or CountryZIPGPS tables and “Perfect tables”
    • Table Translate Country Names to Codes consists 1000+ rows and match perfectly to 253 rows of “Perfect tables”
    • Table CountryZIPGPS consists only 85 countries with ZIP code system. Use XX Others value to match to “Perfect tables”

Download dataset

Tables in dataset

Name of tableDataset detailsDownload links
Country Names Codesexplore detailsExcelCSV
Country Names Codes Basicexplore detailsExcelCSV
Translate Country Names to Codesexplore detailsExcelCSV
Country Regions Continentsexplore detailsExcelCSV
Country Population Statisticsexplore detailsExcelCSV
CountryZIPGPSexplore detailsExcelCSV

Template report based on this dataset

Name of reportReport detailsFiletypeDownload links
CDS Geo Country Open Report Templateexplore detailsPower BI .pbix filedownload

Created by CDS – CoronaDataSource specialists by cleaning wikipedia & other open data sources


This dataset is Open Data (free to use, change and adapt, under Creative Commons license (CC-BY)). We use this Geo dataset for all our Power BI Geo reports available free to download and edit as open reports (CC-BY).

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  • If you find this dataset useful, feel free to share link to this dataset. (Share button)
  • If you have idea for improving the dataset, feel free to contact us 🙂 (Contact form)

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