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Updated data about Corona COVID-2019 virus loaded and transformed by Corona Data from the JHU CSSE github and Worldmeters page. Exported to CSV. Updated every hour.

Github JHU CSSE is used for historic data.
Worldmeters page is used for today´s data.

Included fields
ID, Province/State, Country/Region, 2char country code, ISO Date, Infected, Deaths, Cured, Sick, Serious / Critical, Tot Cases/ 1M pop, Deaths/ 1M pop, Total Tests, Tests/ 1M pop

What data we offer
– Extracted data from JHSU Github repository and Worldmeters page
– Added 2-char country code for best match (by CDS)
– Update time JHSU Github once daily, Worldmeters page every hour
– format .csv
– optimized table structure for use directly for data analysis

We recommend combining the data with these datasets
Country names and codes
Country population and other statistics
World Regions, Continents and Countries
Note: Use 2-char country code for match datasets


Official License of JHSU: “This GitHub repo and its contents herein, including all data, mapping, and analysis, copyright 2020 Johns Hopkins University, all rights reserved, is provided to the public strictly for educational and academic research purposes.”

Our Corona Data Source organization fits under educational license. If you do not use the data for educational and academic research purposes, you are able to download, but you should not use this source. Although many people download it anyway.

We want to create own updated dataset under the open data free license for personal or commercial use.

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Data Sources


Worldmeters page

Open data sources of JHU CSSE GitHub
CDC International
ECDC (CDC Europe)
CCDC (CDC China)

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