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Event 201 is a case study with the main topic: How will the world react to severe coronavirus pandemic? The study is prepared by top world experts from many sectors including the World Bank, the government Disease & Prevention Control Centers, the Gates Foundation and other experts from the government & corporate sector.

It is a strange coincidence that these videos were made in October 2019, just two months before the first case of COVID-19 Coronavirus emergence. That is the main reason why the conspiration activists claim the COVID-19 Coronavirus emergence had been planned.

The Event 201 Study is a vital and unique source of data that we can expect from the COVID-19 Coronavirus. We recommend you to be close to the original source and watch the original videos of Event 201 study.

What data they offer
– Case study How the world will react to severe Coronavirus pandemic
– Original videos available on the link

Important note from CDS:
We as CDS – Corona Data Source decided to stay neutral in the topic of planned / unplanned COVID-19 emergence. Our mission is to collect data about COVID-19 emergence and save people´s lives. Conspiration theories won´t save people´s lives.


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