World Country ZIP codes, Country ZIP & GPS

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Open dataset with World Country ZIP codes, unique CountryZIP, corresponding GPS locations and names for places. This dataset is perfect for mapping ZIP code to GPS, or place name to GPS. Beware, the dataset consists of more than 1.000.000 rows and has higher file size (91MB / 109MB).

The file includes an unique guide how to understand and treat country exceptions in ZIP codes.

We recommend to download and filter the dataset to a needed minimum to optimize speed.

Included fields
country code, postal code, country ZIP, place name, admin name areas (up to 3 levels), admin areas code (up to 3 levels), latitude, longitude, accuracy, GPS coordinates

What data we offer
– 1.000.000+ ZIP / postal codes
– 85 countries included
– Worldwide unique CountryZIP code
– Best for mapping ZIP code to GPS
– Unique guide how to treat country ZIP codes included
– Format .xlsx and CSV
– .xlsx file consists sheet Main with notes about data
– File size 91 MB xlsx, 109 MB CSV

Created by CDS – CoronaDataSource specialists by cleaning sources

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