World Country ZIP codes, Country ZIP & GPS

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Open dataset with World Country ZIP codes, unique CountryZIP, corresponding GPS locations and names for places. This dataset is perfect for mapping ZIP code to GPS, or place name to GPS. Beware, the dataset consists of more than 1.000.000 rows and has higher file size (91MB / 109MB).

The file includes an unique guide how to understand and treat country exceptions in ZIP codes.

We recommend to download and filter the dataset to a needed minimum to optimize speed.

Included fields
country code, postal code, country ZIP, place name, admin name areas (up to 3 levels), admin areas code (up to 3 levels), latitude, longitude, accuracy, GPS coordinates

What data we offer
– 1.000.000+ ZIP / postal codes
– 85 countries included
– Worldwide unique CountryZIP code
– Best for mapping ZIP code to GPS
– Unique guide how to treat country ZIP codes included
– Format .xlsx and CSV
– .xlsx file consists sheet Main with notes about data
– File size 91 MB xlsx, 109 MB CSV


This file consists of ZIP / Postal codes of 85 countries with according GPS locations
Different countries have a different system of postal codes
Some have space (” “), hyphen (“-“), or letters in ZIP code

Dataset is free for download from the link above.

Dataset is under Creative Commons license
Note: This dataset is Huge – 1.048.576 rows, filesize 91 MB

Special cases about ZIP codes
Postal codes are not globally unique. For example, the same postal code 1003 is used in countries AU, DK, CH, NO, PH
To gain the unique code, you need to join together 2-char country code and ZIP code, like AU_1003

Our CDS experience in ZIP & GPS locations
During our work with ZIP & GPS locations, we have found, that ZIP code is often not written incorrect format
For example country SK – Slovakia has official format 010 01, but in database were often incorrect 01001
Due to that is easier to remove spaces (” “) and hyphen (“-“) from codes than to add them,
we have created special column joining 2-char Country code & “_” & ZIP code (example SK_01001)
and removed all spaces (” “) and hyphen (“-“) from it except codes for Brazil (BR_69960-000)

CDS contribution – Adding Country ZIP with extracted characters
Country ZIP format
Country & “_” & ZIP code (with extracted spaces and “-“)
To use Country ZIP extract (spaces ” ” and “-” for all countries except Brazil (BR))
For Brazil (BR) we recommend shortening the ZIP code to the first 5 digits (Original BR code has 8 numeric digits, but only 5 are used for GEO)

List of special formatted ZIP codes

CountryCountry CodePostal code exampleCountry ZIP exampleFormat ZIP codeFormat CountryZIPNote – special char
Isle of ManIMIM6IM_IM6AA0IM_AA0letters
United KingdomGBB1GB_B1A0GB_A0letters
United KingdomGBAL9GB_AL9AA0GB_AA0letters
United KingdomGBAB32GB_AB32AA00GB_AA00letters
BermudaBMCR 04BM_CR04AA 00BM_AA 00letters, space
AzerbaijanAZAZ 3028AZ_AZ3028AA 0000AZ_AA 0000letters, space
LuxembourgLUL-5431LU_L5431A-0000LU_A0000letters, hyphen
LatviaLVLV-5601LV_LV5601AA-0000LV_AA0000letters, hyphen
MoldovaMDMD-6511MD_MD6511AA-0000MD_AA0000letters, hyphen
CzechiaCZ407 21CZ_40721000 00CZ_00000space
SwedenSE721 05SE_72105000 00SE_00000space
SlovakiaSK976 34SK_97634000 00SK_00000space
BrazilBR69960-000BR_69960-00000000-000BR_00000-000hyphen, short the ZIP code
FranceFR75047 CEDEX 01FR_77282_CEDEX00000 CEDEXFR_00000CEDEXsee special FR codes
French GuianaGF97325 CEDEXGF_97325_CEDEX00000 CEDEXGF_00000CEDEXsee special FR codes
GuadeloupeGP97199 CEDEXGP_97199_CEDEX00000 CEDEXGP_00000CEDEXsee special FR codes
MartiniqueMQ97241 CEDEXMQ_97241_CEDEX00000 CEDEXMQ_00000CEDEXsee special FR codes
ReunionRE97446 CEDEXRE_97446_CEDEX00000 CEDEXRE_00000CEDEXsee special FR codes


French codes (France & provinces of France)
France have often CEDEX word behind ZIP code. CEDEX means “business mail with special delivery”, designed for recipients of large volumes of mail.
CEDEX may have forms CEDEX or CEDEX with number
France also uses codes AIR, SP 07 and CITYSSIMO behind ZIP code

CountryCountry CodePostal code exampleCountry ZIP exampleNote – special codes
FranceFR77114FR_77114regular code
FranceFR77282 CEDEXFR_77282_CEDEXCEDEX only
FranceFR75047 CEDEX 01FR_75047_CEDEX01CEDEX with number
FranceFR16109 AIRFR_16109_AIRAIR
FranceFR75303 SP 07FR_75303_SP07SP 07
French GuianaGF97325 CEDEXGF_97325_CEDEXusing CEDEX and CEDEX 2
GuadeloupeGP97199 CEDEXGP_97199_CEDEXusing CEDEX only
MartiniqueMQ97241 CEDEXMQ_97241_CEDEXusing CEDEX, CEDEX 1 and CEDEX 2
ReunionRE97446 CEDEXRE_97446_CEDEXusing CEDEX and CEDEX 9


This dataset on CoronaDataSource consist
Sheets & tables:
Main – About data
Data – Main Data sheets
CountryCodesUsed – List of used country codes
tbl_CountryZipGPS – table name of Data sheet (In XLSX only)
tbl_CountryCodesUsed – table name of country codes (In XLSX only)
tbl_ExceptionsZIPcodes – table name of Exceptions in ZIP Codes (In XLSX only)
tbl_ExceptionFrenchCodes – table name of exceptions in French codes (In XLSX only)

Type of structure of DATA table: Classic table

Column name:Type:Description:
country codetextISO 2-char country code
postal codetextOriginal unchanged ZIP / Postal code, look below for more information
country ZIPtextCountry code with ZIP code, look below for more information
place nametextPlace name area
admin name1textName of admin area (1st and highest level area)
admin code1textText or numerical code of area
admin name2textName of admin area (2nd level area), often blank
admin code2textText or numerical code of area, often blank
admin name3textName of admin area (3nd level area), often blank
admin code3textText or numerical code of area, often blank
latitudedecimal numberlatitude in decimal number
longitudedecimal numberlongitude in decimal number
accuracywhole numberlevel of GPS accuracy
coordinatestextGPS coordinates in format 40.4969, 49.8517


ZIP codes of countries used in this dataset

country codeCountry namecountry codeCountry namecountry codeCountry namecountry codeCountry name
ARArgentinaESSpainKRNorth KoreaPLPoland
ASAmerican SamoaFIFinlandLILiechtensteinPMSaint Pierre and Miquelon
ATAustriaFMMicronesiaLKSri LankaPRPuerto Rico
AUAustraliaFOFaroe IslandsLTLithuaniaPTPortugal
AXAland IslandsFRFranceLULuxembourgPWPalau
AZAzerbaijanGBUnited KingdomLVLatviaREReunion
BDBangladeshGFFrench GuianaMCMonacoRORomania
BGBulgariaGLGreenlandMHMarshall IslandsSESweden
BMBermudaGPGuadeloupeMKNorth MacedoniaSGSingapore
BRBrazilGTGuatemalaMPNorthern Mariana IslandsSISlovenia
CLChileHUHungaryMWMalawiSMSan Marino
CRCosta RicaIEIrelandMYMalaysiaTRTurkey
CZCzechiaIMIsle of ManNCNew CaledoniaUAUkraine
DODominican RepublicITItalyNZNew Zealand


Other Notes

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