CDS COVID-19 Sandbox open report (for download)


Create your own Power BI report with updated data from report template. Report is available for direct download. Updating API included in report.

Report Summary
– Report shows Infected, Cured, Deaths, Sick in the world
– Included Population, Geo, Regions and Countries data
– Included measures like Share of infected and Death rate
– Direct download as Power BI .pbix file
– including working API for updated Covid-19 data
– Ready to implement new visualizations and more complicated measures

Open report with an open license and open source code. You can freely use and edit the report. You should acknowledge the authors of this report – Power BI specialists from

Created by
Power BI specialists from

Source data

CDS COVID-19 coronavirus time series dataset (API – CSV)

CDS World Regions, Continents & Countries (API – CSV)

CDS Country population & other statistics (API – CSV)


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