Diamond Princess Cruise Ship COVID-19 Corona Virus Case Study


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Diamond Princess Case Study is an example, how fast is the coronavirus spreading. We, specialists from CDS (CoronaDataSource.org) assume that quarantined cruise ship is the best place for spreading COVID-19 Coronavirus among all quarantined people on board.
We also expect that almost all the people on board have been exposed to the virus due to the low hygiene and insufficient coronavirus counter-measures.

This case study shows that some people show no symptoms or are naturally immune to coronavirus. The number of people infected was just 19.00% of all the people on board.

Included fields are:
Date, Infected (Total Cases), Cured, Deaths, Sick, Uninfected (No symptoms), analytics columns like Daily increase, Increase 3 & 7 days, % of infected

What data we offer
– All data about Diamond Princess Cruise Ship case
– Data with charts
– format .xlsx

Created by CDS – CoronaDataSource specialists

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Source of data:
WHO Official reports & News

Diamond Princess Oficial statements (Owner of ship)

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